Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mother's Letter from Mar Dean Nielsen

Steve and Mar Dean Nielsen.  Steve was the branch president of the Carbondale Branch when we lived in Illinois.  They left the area about the same time we did, moving to Las Vegas, while we moved back to Hyrum. 
Mar Dean wrote my mother a care when mom broke her neck in a fall.
Dear Ileen,
We were so sorry to her of your accident.  You must of fallen hard to have done so much damage.
I am going through our cards again before I throw them away, when i came upon yours.  I thought I must write to her. 
We had some good times in  Carbondale, didn't we.  I remember the show we went to and walked out because the language was so bad.  It would probably be "G" rated now.  The Thanksgiving that we spent at the church.  The dinner that our husbands us with at the church.  Great times!!
Take care of yourself and know that we love you.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Poetry of my Brother-in-law and Sister

I think this poem was more written by my brother-in-law, Clyde Buff; although it is given as from both he and my sister, Sara.  It was written for the funeral of their grandson Forrest.

Touched by an Angel

Few of us ever have the blessing
Of being touched by an angel on earth,
But Forrest was one of God's special sons
Sent to touch all our lives here on earth.

From him we learned just what real strength was
Real strength as he fought through each trial
He never gave in, never let the pain win
He touched our lives with his angelic smile.

We all felt the touch of his patience
The touch of his "I love you" gaze
And his love will last though his time her is past
He touched us all in so many ways

How does it feel to be touched by and angel?
Ask those who knew Forrest well
They all know for sure, Forrest's love will endure
In their hearts where the sweetest memories dwell.

Yes we all have been touched by an angel
We than God for Forrest's brief stay here below
May his touch linger on though his mortal journey is done
He is the truest little angel we know

With all our love

Grandma and Grandpa Buff

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Poetry I Like: Two Palestinian Seas

This is from a collection of verse: "Just For You" a Collection of Inspirational Verses by Helen Steiner Rice.

A very favorite story of mine 
Is about two seas in Palestine--
. . .
One is a sparkling sapphire jewel,
Its water are clean and clear and cool,
Along its shores the children play
And nature gives so lavishly
Her choicest gems to the Galilee...
But on to the south the Jordan flows
Into a sea where nothing grows,
No splash of fish, no singing bird,
No children's laughter is ever heard.
The air hangs heavy all around
And nature shuns this barren ground...
Both seas receive the Jordan's flow,
The water is just the same, we know,
But one of the seas, like liquid sun,
Can warm the hearts of everyone,
While farther south another sea
Is dead and dark and miserly...
It takes each drop the Jordan brings
And to each drop it fiercely clings...
It hoards and holds the Jordan's waves
Until like shackled, captured slaves
The fresh, clear Jordan turns to salt
And dies within the Dead Sea's vault...
But the Jordan flows on rapturously
As it enters and leaves the Galilee,
For every drop that the Jordan gives
Becomes a laughing wave that lives--
For the Galilee gives back each drop,
Its waters flow and never stop,
And in this laughing, living sea
That takes and gives so generously
We find the way to Life and Living
Is no in Keeping, but in Giving!

Yes, there are Two Palestinian Seas
And mankind is fashioned after these!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Duckwater Christmas Festival of Lights 1984

This is the program I kept from so many years ago.  Everyone had to take more than one part, because there weren't that many students in the school.

Virginia Sanchez from Duckwater Shoshone Tribal School

Sheri and I received a thank you note form Virginia Sanchez.  She and I worked hard to put together the Spring Festival many years ago.  She worked from the aspect of working with the youth through the school.  This included helping set up the Youth Hand Game tournament.  We enjoyed working together.  I know she later became more involved in working with the tribal counsel, but this was long after my two years in Duckwater. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Duckwater: The Campbells: Iroquois Cayuga Indians of Gowanda New York

When we lived in the Lamanite program at BYU sponsored the Campbell family to Duckwater.  This was a family traveling performing music.  There act included five brothers playing violin, and a performance of the Hoop Dance.