Friday, January 20, 2017

Office Van Gogh Prints

This are the Van Gogh prints I now have in my office.  I need some more.  I love Van Gogh's work, it makes me see things from a different angle.  I especially want "starry night" and "the scream."  I do like the ones I have.  The angles in the bedroom scene are fascinating.  And the cafe does give a view of the sky.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Virginia Street Project Acknowledgement from Nikki Chrisman

Our boss at Virginia Street project was Nikki Chrisman.  We were part of a longitudinal study about whether or not intensive services to those with serious mental illness could improve the quality of life, while also saving money.  This study concluded that both of these could be achieved.  Money savings came from keeping patients out of intensive high-cost services.  There was a comparison between Community Companions (now part of Momentum) Down town Mental Health and Virginia Street Project.  Although Virginia Street Project was the most costly, it also saved the most money by diverting people from the hospital and keeping them out.  Nikki would contract cancer and pass away shortly after this.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Access Staff-to-staff Mementos

We had some good times at Mental Health Access, and we had some hard times.  Towards the end, our bosses transferred to us the manager from hell.  It was really true, we had a boss whose goal was to get rid of everyone.  It was shortly after this that Access closed and the Callcenter took over.  The mementos were attempts to deal with some of the stress caused by this boss.  SO if you have the boss from "hell" talk to me; I've been there.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Rose Bowl

In my life I have been to the Rose Bowl Parade three times, and the Rose Bowl twice.  The first was with my family, and was in conjunction with a trip to Disneyland.  This was during my first grade, and my dad took us to California while we were moving away from the farm in Othello.  We eventually ended up in Idaho Falls living with my grandmother for the rest of the year.  Back to the Rose Bowl Parade.  We didn't not arrive early, and so had to scramble for a place we could see the floats and the parade.  The floats were nice, but the most impressive thing was seeing many actors, especially cowboys on horseback.  My older sisters, and I guess myself as well were really impressed with the cast of Bonanza as they rode past on their horses.  I mean, seeing Hoss Cartwright, and Ben and Adam and Little Joe.  That was really something.  
Not my picture, but my memory.  This is labeled 1961.  We were at the parade Jan. 1 1964.
Then as teenagers we returned to the parade two more times.  This time we traveled with the DeBolt family.  carol had moved into Hyrum and we befriended them.  Carol was a big fan of Ohio State, and in the 70s Ohio State played in the Rose Bowl several consecutive years; 1973-1976.  We traveled with them for the 1975 and 1976 rose Bowls.  
Carol was a great fan of Ohio State.  They played four seasons in a row at the Rose Bowl, and we boys went twice a road trips to Pasadena.  Weldon only went with us the second year, as he was on his mission the yer before.  We would arrive in town, early morning on Christmas Eve, and head strait for the beach for a good wading adventure.  We would then establish ourselves along the parade route.
We slept on the street to have a good spot for the parade.  We would camp at the corner of Orange grove Blvd and Colorado Blvd.  The parade turns here (more than a 90 degree turn) which gives you a view of both sides of the floats.  We would be some of the first to arrive, and we would claim our spots with our sleeping bags.  This would be a spot to sleep the night and then also a curbside spot for the parade.  This corner was very popular and the crowd would fill in.  Radio stations also liked this corner and would do the interview on the street.  The grandstands were just before the intersection, so we would get to hear the bands put on their best show.  It could get pretty cold sleeping out on December 31, even if we were in California.  Also there were not got rest room facilities.  the nearest was over a mile away in the Jack-in-the-Box.  Walking down the road we would see homeless people, and other people camped our for the night.  There were even barrels with fires in them for people to get warm.  We would sleep the best we could, but we were always up early so no one could claim our spot along the curb.  
One year hank Aaron was the Grand Marshall of the parade.  This was shortly after he broke the record for home runs.  We always enjoyed the floats, but those with animation and familiar characters were always the best.  
Carol Debolt always brought a big cooler with sandwich fixings for food, so we got by OK.  After the parade, we walked down the hill to the Rose Bowl for the football game.  It wasn't too bad of a walk, closer than that Jack-in-the-Box.  Both years Ohio State lost.  The first year they had won handily the year before against USC.  However this year the lost by one point to USC in a hard fought game.  the next year the lost by about five points to UCLA.  At the time the Rose Bowl pitted the Big 10 Champion against the PAC 10.  Weldon missed the first year, but was with us the second as he had returned from his mission.  
One year the Volkswagen van Carol drove had issues.  We were stopped in the desert for some time for repair.   It would take to long to get an ordered part, so they repaired the alternator with cardboard, and showed me how to do it.  I had to use the cardboard to get a correct gap so the spark plugs would fire.  It actually stopped again and I had to fix it in Las Vegas.  While in Las Vegas I saw somebody following somebody else.  I thought that was weird so followed the person following.  He told me he was an undercover policeman and I shouldn't be following him.   I got the car put back together and it got us home, and then died.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

About Me

I found this on facebook, and it looks like a good way to introduce myself.  
Marriages................... 1
Proposals................... 2 I was desperate before I met Sheri
Tattoos....................... 0
Children..................... 8 awesome children (1 in heaven)
Grandkids.................. 10 and almost 11.  Mine are the cutest
Surgeries....................1 tonsillectomy
Quit a job...................Yes, at the turkey farm, and some others due to school issues
Flown on a plane........ Yes,
100+miles in a car........Mileage or speed? Yes on both
Shot a gun...................Yes
Hit a deer.................... More misses than hits
Hit a deer in a car.........No, my wife has
Zip Lining ....................Only the one at Camp Lehi which isn't there any more.
Fallen in love................ Yes, six infatuations, one love
Watched someone give birth.....Yes. first was the worse
Watched someone die.... No
Cried over someone.........Yes, several people including my sister
Been to Canada.............. Yes
Been to Mexico................Yes
Rode in an ambulance...... No
Visited Las Vegas........... Yes.
Sang karaoke.................. Yes but I am not very good at it; I need a pianist who can fudge over my mistakes
Been downhill skiing.........No
Rode on a motorcycle.......Yes
Rode on a horse............. .Yes, one of the scariest things I have done, during Star of Justice
Stayed in a hospital........ .No, not over night, except with Sheri having babies
Donated blood................ .Yes, it makes me queasy
Rode in the back of a police car...No just the front with Roosevelt PD making a visit..

Saturday, December 24, 2016

World Symposium on Hunger

I attended the Symposium on World Hunger held at the Spectrum in Logan in 1981.  This was my last year at Utah State.  I remember attending with my mother.  I also assume Charlie and Dianna were there.
John Denver and the Mormon tabernacle Choir sang.  I remember the choir performed "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and several other songs.  I don't remember the discourses, but I do remember they predicted ending world hunger by the end of the millennium which would have been 2000.
I don't have any pictures, but here is a rehearsal picture I found.  That is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the back ground in rehearsal clothing.  They were dressed up for the Symposium.

The high light of the evening was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and John Denver performing "I Want to Live" a John Denver song.  I also remember the Spectrum being pretty much full.  It was a wonderful free concert.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Fires in Hyrum

I was thinking about fires in Hyrum during my growing up years.  Hyrum had a volunteer fire department.  It was common to follow the fire ruck to see what was going on if the siren ever went off.  (It wasn't common.)  Our neighbors across the street had a fire.  If my memory doesn't escape me the Hailstones were living in the home.  It was pretty scary, but everyone escaped.  You know how rumors are, and the rumor was someone was playing with matches in a bedroom.  I don't know if there is any truth to that.  The house was a total loss, and the Hailstones moved to a different home in Hyrum.  There was also a fire at the Doctor's Offie.  We were at school, and all got close enough to see what was happening.  We were so relieved to know it wasn't the theater burning down, which was next door.  However a few years later, the movie theater did burn.
Most other fires I noticed were grass fires and that kind of thing.  I am not sure if any other structures had fires in Hyrum during the time we lived there.  I am sure there are more.