Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Employee Honors at EMQ (Now Uplift) Crisis Counseling

I actually received a few of these during my almost ten years with EMQ Crisis.  I worked there on-call while I worked for County Mental Health full time.  The best one was when it came with a coupon for two meals at the Elephant Bar. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Dedication of the LDS Chapel in Othello.

As I check the date, it appears this dedication took place shortly after we left; however the building had been used before the dedication.  Gordon B. Hinckley, then an apostle, dedicating the building.  A picture of dad was included as a clerk in the first bishopric.  For the history of the church in Othello included in the program check here.

Thanksgiving 1986

This is the house in Hyrum.  However at this time it is the Buff home. 
The first picture is all the men.  Mark is in the picture, so back from his mission, and I assume married by this time.  Joey is on his dad's lap, then Buffy, Mark, Charlie, Aaron and Kelly.  Front row is Dustin with Weldon, I am holding Matt and then Jed.
the second picture has Linsey at Sara's lap, Amber on Connie's lap, Mom, Katherine behind, Sheri, Natalia on Sue's lap,  In the front is Geneve, Diane, Krista and Connie.

Thanksgiving: 1983

This is my mom and grand babies.  I can't place where this picture was taken.  That orange couch should be a give away.  This was the first year Sheri and I were married.  The grandkids are all there with the exception of Jed.  I can't seem to find him.  Linsey is the baby Buffy is holding.  Krista is holding Joey, Katherine is holding Amber.  Grandma has Matt on her lap.  He does not look happy.  Aaron and Dustin are on the left.

Ileen Wardle Family Reunion: Tulock Lake, Ca

This was a fun time.  We had a trampoline and boat provided by the Normans, and had a great time playing in the water and eating and playing games. I am not sure of the year, but probably early 2000's.