Monday, April 16, 2018

Utah State School of Art

I always enjoyed walking through the School of Art at Utah State.  The art museum was closed, but these are class projects the teachers have exhibited in the hall.  Pretty cool stuff.  The teachers I am sure only display the best, and then I only take pictures of the best of the best.
First a paper geometric display

Some aluminum and ceramic projects

self portraits

and then something in a room by itself

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mark's High School Garage Band: As December Leaves

I am pretty sure this is drama awards night for which Mark's band played.  I may be wrong about the occasion, but Mark appears to be having fun.  He played bass, Chris Chavez drums and Andrew Loc lead guitar.  They all three provided vocals.  First three pictures are the band, and last two of the awards.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

My Life in Theater: Fiddler on the Roof 1988?

I portrayed the part of the rich butcher, who is jilted in love.  I helped sing the song L'chaim as I became engaged to Tevye's daughter.  However it was not to be.  Blain Pierce portrayed Tevye.  He is so talented.  It was a fun experience.  Singing "Anatevka" with the cast at the end was very moving, as everyone had to move on.
Nels was the professional theater teacher at Utah State Extension
Not sure but I think Nels did the artwork
Sky View people may remember Wendy as Wendy Wardle

I look good with a beard, Cllint works wonders on sets
Chris is now drama teacher at Uintah High School, Lianne was very talented
Wayne wrote the music for Star of Justice

My Othello Days by Charlie Wardle

My Othello Days
January 1961 to December 1963
By: Charlie Wardle

I was born on January 28, 1961.  Our family moved away from Othello in December of 1963--a month before my third birthday.
I don't remember anything about Othello.  I just remember stories that were told to me about Othello.  My first memory is of when we left Othello and were at Disneyland in the submarine looking out the window at the fish swimming by.  (December after we left Othello)
One of the stores that was told to me about Othello was of me peeing on the flowers and bushes outside the church just as church was being let out.  Another story was of me taking the foam stuffing out of my high chair and stuffing it up my nose.  It think it stayed there a couple days before someone noticed it.  Dad pulled the stuffing out with his needle nose pliers.  Also while living in Othello I got ringworm from one of the cats on the farm. 
During the summer of 2006, Mom, Sara, Weldon and I took a trip back to Othello to see the farm.  While we were in Othello, there were a lot of places that looked familiar to me.  It was like I had seen them  before or I had been there before.  Places that seemed familiar were; the canal and ditches, the road along the canal, and the road coming down the hill  from the canal to the house.  The front of the house looked familiar, especially the windows and front door area.  Inside the house the front door is probably where I learned to walk.  The bedrooms, bathroom and laundry rooms looked familiar, especially the cabinets and wood closets.  In the cabinets and closets I would see dad's woodworking and style in them.  The closets and cabinets were made the same way as the closets and cabinets were in our Hyrum basement bedroom and the ones dad made in the garage in Hyrum.
Outside of the  house was a well house, some sheds, a parking area, a garden area and some gas-tank stands.  I felt like I had seen them  before and I could se dad's work in them.  Around the town, we saw the church, A&W (now a Mexican restaurant), and old restaurant and parks.  Once again, they all looked familiar to me--like I had seen them before--but I have no memory of them.
After our trip to Othello there have been many times I wish I could have talked to dad again about the farm and equipment that I saw there and what he used on the farm.
I have wondered many times what my life would have been like if we had stayed on the farm.  Being the son that likes to build things and work with my hands, I probably would have ended up being a farmer just like my dad was.  Since we left the farm, I have gone to college and and graduated just like my dad die.  (I even have a Masters Degree like him.)  Ironically I went in the same field that dad started in--Industrial Education.  After dad started college he changed his major to English and Library Science.  Even though I may be the family's worst speller/reader (dyslexia), I write a lot of my own stories and share them with my school classes.
Old Combine
Tractor on which Sara tipped over
Our home in Othello
Hiawatha school in Othello

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Santa Clara County Mental Health: Certificate of Appreciation

This is a certificate for my participation in Phase I and Phase II of the Mental health Plan.  This must have been tart up of Access, and the Mental Health Call Center.  I played a very big role in selecting the Unicare Computer System.  Also at Call Center we became the authorization point for out patient fee-for-service providers.  I guess that is what is being referred to s Phase i and Phase II.  It is signed (not personally) by Allan Rawland, Mental Health Director, and Robert Sillen, Health and Hosptial Executive Director.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Mexico with Señor Oswald: Mexico City and Teotihuacán

From Guadalajara to Mexico City the road started rather steep as we climbed out of the mountains surrounding Guadalajara and headed to Mexico City.  On of the first activities in Mexico City was to attend a bull fight.  Doug (Tigre) Barker was very impressed with the bull fight as a bull at one point got of the inner ring and someone was gored in the process of getting the bull back into the ring.

The last day in Mexico we visited Teotihuacán, ancient Aztecan ruins.  Here they have the Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon.  I climbed to the top of the Moon, and have always regretted not going up the Pyramid of the Sun, which was taller.  I did take a picture of the Sun from the top of the Moon.

The last legs of our trip was a train rid from Mexico City to the border.  We slept on this train, and it had a dining car.  After arriving at El Paso, we took a bus from there home.  The entire visit was two weeks.