Saturday, May 31, 2014

Family Trip to Bear River Bird Refuge

These pictures are from a family trip to Bear River Bird Refuge which is West of Brigham City.  They are all scenic.  There are some I am not sure of, but the pictures were all developed together, July 1972.  Some look to be of mountain scenery, and may be the same or a different trip.  Even the mountain scenery appears to be looking down on Willard Bay.

Utah State University Graduation

I graduated from Utah State in 1981.  I had a double major in Spanish and Social Work.  I also minored in Journalism.  I had a lot more credits then I needed, because I liked learning and nobody told me I couldn't.
Here are some pictures of the day

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Charity: Picture Essay

While Charity was in single's ward, they were doing a video project.  Charity and her group were making a scary video, of somebody stalking her (Caleb) taking pictures of her and sticking them up all over.  These are some of the pictures they took.  The scary idea was when Charity walks into a room, and the room is covered with pictures of herself.  She didn't even know someone was stalking her.

With Anthony

Monday, May 26, 2014

Those in my Family Who Served in the Military and Have Passed on.

My father served in WWII, in the Navy, first as a radarman and then as a radioman.
Also my great-great-great grandfather William Ashton served in the army from 1856 to 1861.

University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work Basketball Team

I am lower left.  Some of those old guys could really play.  Dean Schatz in in the center, back row next to Bill Farley.  The trophy I am sure has gone the way of the D.I.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sheri and I Dating

Sheri and I had a really fast courtship.  There are only a few dates before we were engaged; and after we were engaged not very many because I was in Roosevelt for my field placement where I met Sheri.  When the placement was done, I moved back to Hyrum, and we were separated by a four hour drive. 
However a few I remember.  I took Sheri to see the movie "Ghandi."  It was playing in Vernal.  My friend Cliff went with us.  This was the first time he met Sheri.  His comment was "She will make small babies" referring to Sheri's height.
Another date was to Ute Lanes for bowling.  Sheri brought out the competitive juices in me, and I never bowled so well.  My normal bowling score is just over 100.

As for other dates, there were few formal dates.  Mostly we did things around the Pohlsander farm, swam in the ponds, hiked in the canyon, and than type of an activity.  We visted Muhlman's, a restaurant in Altamont, a few times.

Sky View High School Graduation Diploma
 I posted about graduation once before, but found my diploma, which has a picture of the school as it appeared in 1975.  I know there have been several additions to the school since.  I also found my tassels.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Logan Institute Graduation 1981

I was very proud of graduating form Institute.  One reason for that is I had to go the extra mile to make it happen.  I took a journal writing class from the grandparents of Kamran Preece (little leaguer).  To get a passing grade in the class, you had to write so many journal entries of different types.  I hadn't gotten them done during the course, but tracked them down and finished them before graduation.  Other classes I enjoyed were the Old Testament services from Brother Dorigatti.  I also took religions of the world which also gave university credit, the Book of Mormon series, and also sang in the choir one year.

Interesting that Laurie Nelson and I are the only two from Hyrum Stake.  There were also Vic Saunders and someone from Hyrum North stake, which must have just recently been created.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Jupiter's Red Spot Is Shrinking; Global Warming?

Tell me what you think, is the red spot shrinking causing our global warming, or is our global warming causing the red spot to shrink?  It has to be something we did is my thought.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Geneve's Wedding

Geneve is my niece.  She is the third child of Clyde and Sara, and these are pictures of her wedding.  She was married to Mike Moosman April 29, 1995.  We had moved to California before she was married, and only I and Natalia flew back to participate.  Sheri was very pregnant with Caleb.  There are no pictures of it, but I sang "Sun Rise, Sun Set" from Fiddler on the Roof for the wedding. 


Sara and Joey

Natalia, Linsey, Nicole and Joshua

Kathy and Dillon

Missy? Natalia, Shelly

Kathy Krista

Aaron Jed, Missy, Natalia, Shelly, Dillon, Amber, Linsey


Shellie, Amber, Linsey

Clyde, Sara, Geneve, Mike

Clyde and Geneve

Sara, Joshua, Nicole, Natalia, Shellie, Amber

Geneve, Dillon, Mike

Geneve and Mike

Geneve and Sara

Charlie, Jessie, Diane, Dad, Connie, Billy, Sara, Clyde, Geneve, Mike, Joey, Linsey, Brandt, Krista, Dianna, Mom, Matt, Michael, Aaron, Dustin, Katharine, Sue, Weldon, Trevor, Amber, Dillon, Shellie, Nicole, Natalie, Natalia, Missy, Joshua and Travis

Dianna, Natalie, Dad, Diane

Geneve and Clyde singing
"Sunrise, Sunset"  Billy and Mom