Sunday, May 18, 2014

Geneve's Wedding

Geneve is my niece.  She is the third child of Clyde and Sara, and these are pictures of her wedding.  She was married to Mike Moosman April 29, 1995.  We had moved to California before she was married, and only I and Natalia flew back to participate.  Sheri was very pregnant with Caleb.  There are no pictures of it, but I sang "Sun Rise, Sun Set" from Fiddler on the Roof for the wedding. 


Sara and Joey

Natalia, Linsey, Nicole and Joshua

Kathy and Dillon

Missy? Natalia, Shelly

Kathy Krista

Aaron Jed, Missy, Natalia, Shelly, Dillon, Amber, Linsey


Shellie, Amber, Linsey

Clyde, Sara, Geneve, Mike

Clyde and Geneve

Sara, Joshua, Nicole, Natalia, Shellie, Amber

Geneve, Dillon, Mike

Geneve and Mike

Geneve and Sara

Charlie, Jessie, Diane, Dad, Connie, Billy, Sara, Clyde, Geneve, Mike, Joey, Linsey, Brandt, Krista, Dianna, Mom, Matt, Michael, Aaron, Dustin, Katharine, Sue, Weldon, Trevor, Amber, Dillon, Shellie, Nicole, Natalie, Natalia, Missy, Joshua and Travis

Dianna, Natalie, Dad, Diane

Geneve and Clyde singing
"Sunrise, Sunset"  Billy and Mom

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