Thursday, March 29, 2012

As December Leaves: Mark's High School Garage Band

Mark, as he went through high school was involved in a garage band playing what he called emorock music.  The cut a c.d. and had some pretty nice songs.  I tried to make it to al their concerts, and I think I may have accomplished that.  Sometimes they played very loudly, and that and working at Del Monte, my ear doctor has blamed for my tinnitus.  But it was worth it.  I enjoyed their music.  I only had a hard time when the did a concert at the Lamp Lighter in Campbell.  There was some kid who kept wanting to do smash dancing and didn't care who he ran into.

Mark played bass, Andrew Loc lead guitar and Chris Chavez drums.  Chris I think really wanted to be playig guitar as well.  One of the hardest things was finding a drummer.  For some time Andrew and Mark played together, calling themselves Subject to Change, but when they found a drummer they changed the name.  They usually sang lead vocals for the songs they wrote.  My favorite is Seaside Burns Tonight that Mark wrote.

Their myspace site is still up and features several of their songs.  They cut one c.d. that Chris put together.  The songs on the myspace site are from the c.d.
I am not sure if my space works anymore.  But here are a couple more youtube movies
One on addiction, and the other about my father.
I got to help carry stuff from time to time.  Jeremy was more involved with them.  He was putting together a picture album at one time.  The use to pla for school drama stuff where Mark was active.  Also talent shows, the Lamplighter, and where ever the could.  They were even on t.v. at one point playing during High School Sports Beat.  The same show Mark was on for a second getting an assist for the Cupertino soccer team.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mitt Romney Plods on Toward the Nomination

In the media there is plenty of talk about how the Republican side is divided, and the outcome is still unsure.  But, if you look at things the way I do, Mitt Romney is plodding towards the nomination.  He has garnered close to 55 percent of the available delegates.  He has 150 more delegates than Santorum, and more than the entire rest of the field combined.  As he moves along, more and more of the super delegates will also support him.  He has won 17 of the 27 contests so far.  That is over 60 percent.
Today, though he lost badly in Kansas, he did win three territorial contests.  It was about a draw in terms of delegates.
   While it is true, he has not convinced his opponents to fall in line, and accept what is happening, he is winning, and winning by a significant margin.  He has more than a million votes more than Santorum.  Santorum is trying to blame the difference on Gingrich.  But I think people just don't like Santorum, especially after he has appealed to democrats to vote for him to keep the race going, and also keeps trying to portray Romney as a liar.  This is not helping the party.  Santorum is Obama's best friend right now.  That is the only result of Santorum's desperate campaign.
   The map shows Santorum's success is limited to the midwest.  He does not appear to be a national candidate, but a regional one at best.  Romney has won in the South, West and Northeast.    We shall see, but the result should be obvious even to Santorum in a couple of weeks, at least after the first Tuesday in April at the latest.  Then I hope we can start rallying behind our nominee.

Cache Junction Beanery

 Growing up, we didn't get the chance to eat out much, but I do have memories of Dad taking us to the Beanery at Cache Junction.  It was one of the highlights of growing up.  I think I even took a date out their once.  The Beanery, was of course known for their white beans and ham.  They of course served other dishes.  It was a typical restaurant of the day, with older women as waitresses, and pies and dinners and working men.  Originally it was their for the city and men of the railroad.  Over time as the railroad activity decreased, it still had enough draw that people would drive there from throughout the valley. It seems like they had a special bread, I can't remember if it was rolls or homemade bread, but there was something. I know on one visit I ordered pork chops, which was my favorite as I was growing up.  With a family of eight, I am sure we caused them some problems for seating; but they were always able to accommodate us.  They had a bar, but we never sat there.  We always sat at a table.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Unsolicited Obama emails

I am getting tired of getting unsolicited Obama emails.  It seems they are always, "trying to set the record strait."  I can think for myself, and don't need you r emails to tell me what to think.  The emails were originally sent by "Jim Messina" and the subject was such you didn't know if it was from an Obama criticizer or supporter until you opened the email.  I have spammed his name, and no the same emails are coming from some other name.  It seems like a Hitleristic brain washing campaign.  I don't know how to get rid of them, so I guess I will just keep spamming them.  What does it take to get them know you are not interested in their slant--the economy and redistribution of wealth, and government obstruction of the energy industry, attacks on religion, support of abortion, etc. etc. speaks for it self.