Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Program Hyrum Second Ward: 1975

Before my mission, And and Sherry Nelson, a young woman a year younger than I, were put in charge of our ward Christmas Program, Hyrum 2nd Ward.  How we were assigned this I am not sure, but it was quite a large task for young people.  I think people thought I was more talented than I was, however without Sherry's help it would have all fallen through.  We did get help from several different organizations, and insisted that they help us with skits and songs etc to fill in the time of the program. I personally ended up in a couple of skits.  In one I was an angel and someone put glitter in my hair.  Sherry narrated if I remember correctly.  The theme was finding the true meaning behind Christmas.  I remember my younger brother's age did something with the Red Baron and Snoopy.  Of course our evening ended with Santa Claus.  Tom Smith use to be the best Santa Claus.