Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mitt Romney Plods on Toward the Nomination

In the media there is plenty of talk about how the Republican side is divided, and the outcome is still unsure.  But, if you look at things the way I do, Mitt Romney is plodding towards the nomination.  He has garnered close to 55 percent of the available delegates.  He has 150 more delegates than Santorum, and more than the entire rest of the field combined.  As he moves along, more and more of the super delegates will also support him.  He has won 17 of the 27 contests so far.  That is over 60 percent.
Today, though he lost badly in Kansas, he did win three territorial contests.  It was about a draw in terms of delegates.
   While it is true, he has not convinced his opponents to fall in line, and accept what is happening, he is winning, and winning by a significant margin.  He has more than a million votes more than Santorum.  Santorum is trying to blame the difference on Gingrich.  But I think people just don't like Santorum, especially after he has appealed to democrats to vote for him to keep the race going, and also keeps trying to portray Romney as a liar.  This is not helping the party.  Santorum is Obama's best friend right now.  That is the only result of Santorum's desperate campaign.
   The map shows Santorum's success is limited to the midwest.  He does not appear to be a national candidate, but a regional one at best.  Romney has won in the South, West and Northeast.    We shall see, but the result should be obvious even to Santorum in a couple of weeks, at least after the first Tuesday in April at the latest.  Then I hope we can start rallying behind our nominee.

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