Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sheri and I Dating

Sheri and I had a really fast courtship.  There are only a few dates before we were engaged; and after we were engaged not very many because I was in Roosevelt for my field placement where I met Sheri.  When the placement was done, I moved back to Hyrum, and we were separated by a four hour drive. 
However a few I remember.  I took Sheri to see the movie "Ghandi."  It was playing in Vernal.  My friend Cliff went with us.  This was the first time he met Sheri.  His comment was "She will make small babies" referring to Sheri's height.
Another date was to Ute Lanes for bowling.  Sheri brought out the competitive juices in me, and I never bowled so well.  My normal bowling score is just over 100.

As for other dates, there were few formal dates.  Mostly we did things around the Pohlsander farm, swam in the ponds, hiked in the canyon, and than type of an activity.  We visted Muhlman's, a restaurant in Altamont, a few times.

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