Monday, April 25, 2011

My Dad, the Scoutmaster.

This is the sleeve from my dad's scout uniform when he was the scoutmaster in Carbondale, Ill.  We had some pretty good times.  I was actually in two scout groups at the same time; Blazer Scouts and the regular troop.  We had a total of 10 boys in the regular troop.  At scout camp we were the only troop with just one patrol.  We did a week long summer camp, but were the most unprepared scouts in the world.  We forgot matches, so had to keep the fire going just enough all night so it would lite in the morning from the embers.  My dad couldn't get off work some of the days, so we were on our own during the day.  That was usually OK because we were very busy.  However one day a couple of the boys got into a fight.  It was pretty touch and go for a time.  Someone from the camp office visited us that day.  

We would hold our regular meetings in the primary room at our church.  It was a small church which didn't have a gym like some churches have. 

The set up was to my benefit.  I was able to get my basic scout requirements done in the Blazer patrol.  While in the regular troop I completed four required merit badges; two at summer camp--swimming and conservation of natural resources.  We also finished personal fitness and first aid.  There were members of the branch that taught these two courses.

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