Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fox News

I wrote this letter-to-the-editor in response to a letter already published in the Cupertino Courier.  I think it was written in 2007, but the sentiment still applies today, and Fox News is still under threat of boycott, as they dare to present a different view than what is accepted in media circles.
As I read your contentions for boycotting Fox news, I was thinking you were making an argument for boycotting most of the major networks—ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, as well as some of the major newspaper organizations and universities.  Talk about organizations that claim to be one thing, and then give us something totally different.  The left-wing media is the only place where people spew out biased garbage and then pat themselves on the back for being “objective”.  How can organizations that are traditionally 80-90 percent on one side of a spectrum be objective?  (Those are the normal statistics for media staff in terms of being affiliated with the democrat party.  If you look at editors the percentage is greater.)  Yet that is their contention, which is the biggest lie of all. 
Fox news is more centrist than these organizations, and therefore is deemed to be “right-wing.”  However I find them to be more fair and balanced than the other media, and see no problem with their claims.  We don’t all have to march to the same liberal drummer to be “fair and balanced”. 

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