Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jeremy's Career in the Theater

This is a partial photographic history of Jeremy's theater career.  Jeremy, more than any of the other kids (although all were in plays and musicals) was involved in theater.  Jeremy not only performed on stage but also back stage.  His first that I remember was doing Annie with the Moorpark Ward.  He was involved in theater at the Middle School doing Music Man and Into the Woods.  He also did Your Heart Will Burn, in our ward.  In this he played trumpet.  At the High School he did Guys and Dolls and Little Shop of Horrors.  He was also involved in one-acts, performing and directing.  He also did Sunnyvale Community Players, Music Man, Pippin, Anne of Green Gables (Gilbert Blythe), and The Wiz, (The Wizard.) He also did Seussical with the Moorpark Ward as the Eagle. He was also involved in back stage building set and designing lights etc.  He designed set for high school Seussical. 
Seussical, The Eagle

Music Man

cast party Pippin

High School Capella, Les Miserables
Anne of Green Gables

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