Saturday, January 21, 2012

Poems I like from Latin American Lit Class

I took Latin American Literature from Jaime Cantarovici at Utah State.  It was really an enjoyable class.  One which the professor really loved, and tried to instill that love in us as students.  If I remember it was also in two parts, covering a couple trimesters. 

I thought I would share a few poems.
Gabriela Mistral wrote children's poems
Dame la mano Give Me Your Hand

Dame la mano y danzaremos;
dame la mano y me amarás.
Como una sola flor seremos
como una flor, y nada más.

El mismo verso cantaremos,
al mismo paso bailarás.
Como un espiga ondularemos,
como una espiga, y nada más.

Te llamas Rosa y yo Esperanza;
pero tu nombre olvidarás,
porque seremos una danza
en la colina, y nada más.
(This translation is not mine, mine in brackets)
Give your hand and we'll be dancing; (we will dance)
Give your hand and you will love me.
Like a single flower we will be
Like a single flower, and nothing more.

The same verse we'll be singing,
With the same beat you'll be dancing.
Like a spike we'll be waving,  (Like a wheat stalk we'll be waving in the wind)
Like a spike (wheat stalk), and nothing more.

Your name is Rosa (Rose)and my name is Esperanza*; (Hope)
But your name you'll forget,
Because we'll be a dance
On the hill, and nothing more.
Another one of my favorite, because of the way it sounds is "La Duquesa Job"

I especially like this verse:
Desde las puertas de la Sorpresa
hasta la esquina del Jockey Club,
no hay española, yanqui o francesa,
ni más bonita, ni más traviesa
que la duquesa del duque Job.
From the doors of the Surprise
to the corner of Jockey Club
There is no Spaniard, Yankee or french woman
prettier, nor more mischieveous
than the duchess of duke Job.

The poem talks about her beauty, and at times becomes a bit risque, but it ends with this last verse.

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