Saturday, April 21, 2012

My poetry: Squirrels

 I wrote this poem after Caleb told me a story


                               By: Billy Wardle

Two squirrels, one chasing the other,
Ran across the electrical line, over the road
As I drove underneath.

I've never seen that before, I thought,
But a couple blocks later,
I saw another squirrel, running along
An electrical line, crossing the road.

We must be having a squirrel infestation.
The population is really out of control.

Caleb, my son, came home with a story.
He was driving his bike home from soccer practice,
And saw a car run over a squirrel,
Not the entire squirrel, just its head.

He said the squirrel squirmed for some time,
Even though it was already dead.
He was traumatized, not because a squirrel was killed,
But because he saw it happen, and saw the struggle of the squirrel
Through its last breaths.

When we drive past that same location now,
He looks for the squirrel,
It's still there, but now the whole body is squished,
Not just the head...
There is a lot of traffic.

By: Niel Frank

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