Saturday, May 19, 2012

My History in Theater: Star of Justice

I was in the very first two years of the Outlaw Trail Festival.  Both years we portrayed "Star of Justice" with a few changes.  The first year I sang the cows and sheep song, but the second year this was a women's song, and I sang the hat song.  The first year I was a "good guy" and the second year I portrayed two parts, an outlaw, Bob Meeks, and a towns person.  These pictures are from the Vernal Express the second year.
That is me behind the fire with a mustache

Jake (Phil Walton) and Sadie's (Karen Bullock's) hands

Sheriff Pope and Kate (Dennis Hatch and Marci Dyck)
 My recording of their song, at least as I remember it.
That's me again on the right of the square as we sing "Star of Justice"

Chris Mikesell as Butch Cassidy
 The second year I was in charge of the fires.  I had to light the campfire.  It had chemicals to become a big fire quickly.  We also had a blanket in a bucket of water for the end of the scene and to douse the fire.  I Was also in charge of lighting the torches for the mob, lynching scene.
The show was directed by Nels Carlson. It was written by Sheila Wheeler and music by Wayne and Julie Millet.  The executive director was Alta Winward

 I had a couple of important parts.  As I town person I had a fight with Doug Griffin, blaming him for taking my hat.  Right after the fight I sang the song, "A Man Without a Hat."  I use to be so winded from the fight, the singing would give me a head ache. (A Man Without a Hat)
My other important part was holding the horses for the bank robbery, and singing "Brother's Keeper" around the camp fire as we schemed.

It was a fun outdoor production.  We had guns, and learned the hard way, blanks are not totally safe.  We had horses and wagons.  I was never one for riding horses, but I did for the theater.  I rode quite a bit getting use to the horse.  Chris Piner, who played Sundance, talked about making the horses go fast with a good kick with the spurs.  It was a scene where he and Butch robbed the Montpelier Bank.  I held the horses for them while they went in. They come out for our get-away.  I used the spurs.  I did this only once, because I almost fell off the horse.  My horse would follow theirs going fast anyway.

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