Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ken McNeil-- Friend,

Everyone once in a while there are people who, just by your knowing them, make you a better person.  In my life, Ken was one of those people.  His example let people know how to live more like Jesus.
I and one of my sons, probably both Mark or Jeremy in their turn, were their home teachers for several years.  Their oldest daughter was Jeremy's age, and oldest son Charity's age.  Caleb and Rory were always good friends.  Often we were the recipients of the lesson, through their example.

Ken was a man epitomized by service, kindness, and a mellow outlook.  He was available to help others; whether by loaning them a car in need, giving them money, giving his time.  Ken loved his family.  He married later in life, but was blessed with five children, Lizzy, Martin, Duncan, Rory and Walker.  It was fun to watch him interact with them.  He loved children.

One year Ken and I coached a farm team together for Moreland baseball.  It was my first year getting involved.  He had a couple children on the team.  It was a fun experience, watching his kids heft the equipment to the vehicle. 

We use to do activities together, beach, floating the American River.  They left the ward and moved to Delaware.  When we visited the East, their home was our base of operations.  Sheri and I enjoyed a room in the basement.  Liza cut everyone's hair.  They shared some of their activities, including getting ice cream at the creamery.

They let their basement out to other friends, who needed to escape the heat.  They did the same with their pool.

Ken was an example of using your resources for good.  He was taken from us this year, due to cancer.  But he left a permanent mark on my life.


  1. The last time I saw Ken, he was here in the Bay Area on business. I was sitting at the back of the chapel and I looked over to see him walking towards me with the biggest smile. I had never seen him smile like that. He sat down and said, "Can you believe it, they made me a Bishop!" I said that it didn't surprise me a bit! I can only attribute the smile and the more relaxed demeanor to Liza. She completed him. I have known Ken and the McNeil family since I was seven.

    1. Thanks for your comment. They are good people.

  2. This is sad news to me. I hope Liza & the kids are doing OK.

    1. Lynn check out his obituary which you can access through this link