Monday, December 31, 2012

Norman Christmas Party

Party at Dianna's was 12/28 Friday after Christmas.  We had a great time with soup and salad bar.  Sheri took chicken noodle and Liz made cheese broccoli.  There was also ham and beans and clam chowder which I enjoyed.  Dianna made home made bread which I enjoyed with Gary's frozen strawberry jam.  Our family was 16 for the party with all our kids, Gary and Angie's family and Mark and Dianna's family and we had quite a crowd.  There were 27 for the gift exchange party.  Two babies did not play.  I scored a chocolate football and Tony a large jar of cheese balls.  He was torn between the two so I got the chocolate for him.  Caleb  scored a edible snake and Sheri a book.  We had fun. Tony really likes Rachel, Gary and Angie's daughter.

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