Monday, May 11, 2015

Gladiator Play in Rigby

When I was little, and spending a week with grandparents in Rigby, Idaho, I went with my brother Weldon and my cousin Danny Green to a movie about Gladiators.  I imagine it was "Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators" which came out in 1964.  We were totally overcome by the fighting in the movie. We especially enjoyed the scenes in the arena where gladiators would show their strength against each other in battles to the death.  Being boys, we were determined to become gladiators ourselves.  It just so happens that Rigby at the time had a gladiator ring.  I don't know if this was an old fountain or wading pools, but it was perfect for gladiator wars as it served as a coliseum.  The cement structure was about three feet deep, circular, had a step down along the edge all the way around, and gave suitable space for fighting.  
We we made to this arena at the Rigby Park for some reenacting.  My younger brother Charlie joined us for this expedition even though he had not seen the movie.  We armed ourselves with stick swords and spears and had tournaments to see who would sin.  It made for an exciting afternoon.
One type (of course who can prevent every such occurrence) in chopping my younger brother I banger his elbow with my stick.  He took to crying.  A passerby in a car, rolled down her window and expressed her disgust over the way we were abusing each other, and beating on each other with sticks.  She nagged at us for a bit before heading on her way.  We had a good laugh at her expense after she had gone.
Charlie's elbow wasn't the only casualty, we all banged a finger at least once.  We were trying to act out, rather than actually fight our battles.  But anyway, accidents happen.  In trying to make our activities lifelike we could not always control our swings.
It seemed we shortly became bored with this game, mostly due to the injuries.  It must have been some pretty serious boredom, because I do not ever remember playing "Gladiator" again.

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