Monday, January 4, 2016

Skinny Dipping in Rigby

One time we were in Rigby, my father was determined to show us his old swimming hole.  It didn't matter that it was Sunday, nor that we not brought swimming suits.  My Dad was determined that we try out the idea, and he took pictures of his to document the event.  We took our cousin Danny, as well as a couple of the Olsen boys who came with the directive form their father to not get wet.  However in swinging across, one of the brothers fell, and to not be the only one punished pushed the other one in so they were both wet.  Their father was mad.  Sara and Clyde drove down to look for us, and caught Weldon in the raw.  I was smart enough to stay in the water.
Danny behind and my brother's behind as well

Yours Truly

Cousin Reed Olsen swinging.  He missed and got wet and man was his dad mad.

Me and my brothers

This is Weldon

My dad had a thing for taking pictures of us nude.  This is our bathtub in Hyrum.  My mom did some editing.  I don't know why, but usually bathed together until we were quite a bit older, every Saturday.  You know, the get ready for Sunday thing.

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