Friday, December 31, 2010

Carbondale Homes and Schools

These pictures were added to our family group by my brother.  He got the pictures from Google Maps or the internet.

We lived in a couple different homes.  The first year we lived on Emerald Lane and I attended Parrish Elementary.  During this time there was not a direct road to the elementary school.  If you went by bus you had to go around  However it was possible to cut through walking, and get their relatively quickly.  You had to cut through a field, cross a creek, and then walk across the back property of the school.  I remember the school had white brick.  We had reduced lunch, and had to help clean the cafeteria every once in a while.

The next year we lived in Sunshine Terrace, a new University housing project.  It was next to a park and a small reservoir.  We played at the park, and would spend time b the lake.  Onetime someone found a copperhead  by the lake and was teasing it.  I didn't want anything to do with it.  I've always been scared of snakes.   I attended Unity Point.  The school was a little out of town.

We attended the Carbondale Branch.    The building was small.  It had a tall steeple.  The building is no longer used as a church, and the steeple is no longer there. 

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