Saturday, December 25, 2010

I don't want Anything

Miranda, "I don't want anything."

Miranda and Caleb

This is a conversation I had with Miranda eight years ago.  She would have been nine at the time.  I am putting it here because it is indicative of her personality, and we have had similar conversations many times over the years, although with different offers or subjects.

"Do you want a hug?"
"Do you want a big bear hug?"
"Do you want a big bear hug where I squeeze you so tight you can't even breathe, like only a Daddy can give?"
Annoyed, "No I don't want a hug Daddy."
"What do you want then?"
"Do you want a kiss?"
"Or a tickle?"
"I don't want anything," she leaves the room.

Today the conversation is a bit different.  When she sits in the front of the car while I'm driving I'll say, "Can I practice my headlocks."  She always says no.   It's my way of telling her I love her..

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