Sunday, May 22, 2011

Going Out with Zelda (Daughter of Robin Williams)

It is funny how fame effects us, and makes our minds turn to jelly.  Such was my state when my wife explained to me that my son Mark was going to senior prom with the daughter of Robin Williams, Zelda.  Zelda is a couple years younger than Mark.  Mark already had a date to prom, but of course my advice for him was that he should break that date, and take advantage of this opportunity.  My brain was jelly.  Mark had had a steady girl, but they had broken up.  His date was with a new friend he had met through his being in the musical.

It is strange how opportunities show up some times.  Mark played in a band, "As December Leaves."  They had actually cut a CD which was pretty good.  There were three members of the band, Chris Chavez, my son Mark and Andrew Loc, who was the lead guitarist.  My son played bass, and Chris drums.  They all three did vocals.   It turns out that Andrew's girlfriend attended an art school back East, and met the daughter of Robin Williams, who also attended the school.  I guess Zelda had decided she wanted to have the experience of attending prom, and asked Andrew's girlfriend to help, and that is how Mark was lined up with Zelda Williams. 

This was just  week or so before prom, and so some things had to fall into place.  Zelda did not use her real name, but used a fake name.  The school required an application to approve the attendees.  It seemed Mark got the change in late, and come Saturday morning, the day of the prom, Mark was not yet on the list of attendees, but was an alternate.  I happened to have the home phone number of the principal.  This was because my other son, Jeremy, did tech in the school auditorium, and the principal had contacted him on the weekend one time.  I called, and the principle was able to adjust things, and Mark was on the list.

The next problem came up a couple hours later.  The prom was going to take a Bay Cruise Dinner in San Francisco.  However attendees had to travel on the bus together from Cupertino.  (She was going to come 40 miles South to Cupertino, and then 50 miles back to San Francisco.)  A few hours before they were to meet, the word came that Mark would have to drive to pick her up.  Mark did not drive, so I was going to go as chaperone.  We washed up the Ford Focus as best we could.  We really made it shine, but I still thought it humorous that I was going to drive such a small car to Robin Williams' estate.  In the end they called back and said Zelda was able to get a limo and one of her Dad's driver's was going to bring her to the high school.  There went my chance for meeting her.  Mark met her at the school.

So as far as my side of the story, there is not much more to tell.  Mark came home with a traditional prom couple's picture, but I don't know where that is any more.  I imagine Mark has it someplace.  Mark mentioned that she had designed her own dress.  I am not sure if they ever talked to each other again after the prom. 

For a time I was fascinated with the Williams family, reading about them in the media.  I saw Zelda and her father on "Late Night with David Letterman."  David Letterman kept talking about how pretty she was.  This was when the "House of D" was released.  I thought I wanted to see this movie, and finally did a couple years later.  I also looked at many pictures of Zelda on the internet.  If anyone wants to see more Zelda pictures just "google" it.

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  1. the allure of the world is definitely an interesting case study in itself, and we are all affected (?) by it in one way or another.....thanks for sharing Billy!