Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tony Joined Our Family

I was reading some old journal notes (my journal is copies of letters, at this time to Mark who was in drill for the Marines) of when Tony joined our family the first time. Tony was born six weeks early, and spent his first two weeks of life in the hospital.  Sheri met him at the hospital, learning about how to feed him.  I didn't meet him until Sheri brought him home.  He was sooo tiny.  When he came home he weighted five pounds.  He was born four pounds seven ounces.  He came to us as a foster baby, for two months, left for 10 months, and then returned just after his first birthday.
Here are some of the notes I found:

2/26/11  I got the crib together for the new baby.  Caleb and Rena helped a great deal.  We discovered that we had done it wrong after getting it together the first time and had to do it again.  Fortunately the second time was not as difficult as the first.  It fits well in our room.  I know mom went and purchased a car seat this morning.  She also is borrowing an inset from Teri (friend) to help with small babies so the baby can stay strait in the car seat.
2/27/11 Ana as Mom told you we got a new baby yesterday.  Anthony is very small, and usually he is very quiet.  Mom was really good getting up with him during the night.  I know she took him to Jennifer's (neighbor) for some time this morning.  Jeff's mother passed away last night and she called early saying she wanted to hold a baby today thinking it would help her feel better.  I guess Jeff's mom has been sick for sometime.  About a month ago Brent spent some time with us while they went to see her as she was in the hospital.  Back to the baby.  We all got a chance to hold him last night.  He barely weighs five pounds.  If you can imagine a baby about the size of a football.  He sleeps on his back, and makes little noises.  He has a beanie hood but it seems to fall off a lot. 
3/1/2007  The baby has been fun.  He is so tiny.  I fed him last night and had him while everyone else went to mutual.  Jennifer came over and held the baby and fed him while mom was gone.  I would have just let him sleep but she wanted to keep him up with the hope that he would let Sheri sleep better last night.  I think he actually did a little bit better.  He woke up about 11:45 and Sheri brought him to me and I fed him and burped him.  He doesn't eat a lot at a time so you have to burp him a lot.  I put him to bed at 1 when I went to bed myself.  After that I was unaware of most everything until 7 this morning.  Everyone slept in.  I know Sheri was up a couple times because I woke up for a minute or two and rolled over and went back to sleep. 
3/5/2007  Baby Anthony is getting big.  He now weighs 5 1/2 pounds.  I guess that really isn't big, but it is bigger.
3/7/2007  Baby Anthony will be one-month-old tomorrow.

Mark graduated in March, and consequently there is a hole in my journal.   Anthony traveled with us to the graduation.  It was fun holding such a tiny baby in his carrier as we ere in the crowd of people.  I told everyone he was ours, even though I knew he likely wouldn't stay with us.  After two months with us he went to live with a cousin.  It was only by the greates caret miracle that he ever came back to us.

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  1. Anita Baca I know what you mean tiny. I had a granddaughter born premature 8 years ago. She is healthy as can be now. You and your family have a blessed Easter.