Saturday, June 18, 2011

Letter-to-the-Editor, writen but never sent

This letter I wrote in 2007.  A time when I was frustrated with the political process, and how the liberal media was controlling the questions at the debates, in an effort to make the Republicans look bad. 

Reaction to Republican Debate 2007.

It is time to say enough!

And so with that I begin to write my own words, so I can say "enough" in my own way.

AS I read of the CNN/You Tube catch a Republican with his pants down spectacle of last week, which they labeled a debate, and then see their justification. "It was the highest watched debate," my stomach boils.  But was it a  debate at all?  To allow the retired gay military officer to be anywhere near that stage was despicable.  Look at his question.  "Do you think our military is professional enough to work alongside gay soldiers?"  No the military is not professional, or the military is stupid and should change their policy.  They both make you say the military is stupid.  There is no middle ground.

And so it is not a question but a statement, from someone who is not running for office.  But we find the statement was representing the interest of Hillary Clinton, who of course had no knowledge of the individual's actions, hardy har har! 

Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be just as capable as Bill of embarassing our country.  She lies and distorts, and talks out of both sides of her mouth.  Can our country survive her in the White House, and a return to the politics of bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors?

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