Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leslie Clawson

Leslie is fourth from right

Leslie is third form left in front
In the summer just before my second grade year, our family moved into Hyrum, Utah at 587 East 100 South.  Just up the street was the family of Leslie Clawson.  Even though we were both in the second grade back then, I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  She had light blond hair, and a dainty frame.  I had a terrible crush on her.  I was too shy to ever approach her, but there were plenty of neighborhood opportunities to see her, evening games, or just getting together for what ever.
In the third grade, we were put together for a dance in the dance festival.  I don't remember the dance, but I do remember being with Leslie.  The only problem was I had a big wart on my hand at the time, and it was a bit embarrassing.  Leslie was always gracious, but to ever think of us together was more than a possibility.  We moved away after fourth grade for a couple of years, and then when we returned to Hyrum, to the same house, Leslie moved to a home in a different ward closer to the dam.  She associated in a "more popular" group and I didn't feel comfortable entering.  It's funny how we label ourselves.  So from then on I only admired Leslie from afar.
Leslie had juvenile diabetes, and had to take special care of her diet and sugar.  I never had any contact with her after high school, and she has since passed away.  I understand the diabetes eventually got the best of her and she passed away.

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