Monday, February 6, 2012

Logan Hospital where Dianna was born and I had my tonsils out

The hospital in Logan which was across from the temple but was closed and knocked down, and then turned into a parking lot for the temple. My younger sister, Dianna, was born here April 9, 1966.  This was a Saturday, and we were all at the Hyrum Easter Egg-Hunt when we found out about the new baby.  We weren't allowed to go in but looked through the window. 
My next experience here was getting my tonsils out.  This was third grade.  It was shortly after Christmas.  I remember counting back from 100.  Then the next thing I remember my folks were waking me up in the car.  I'm sure that is not how it was, but that is how I remember it.  I did get to miss some school, even though the operation was during Christmas break.  I had a sore throat every morning for about a week into school.  The sore throat would go away late morning, and I played with Christmas toys the rest of the day. 
I had other experiences here--getting a cast off after breaking my arm in Soda Springs playing baseball, eighteen stitches in my forehead, getting a drain out of my foot, which I earned on the Green River, and a few other minor injuries.  Our family doctor was Dr. Burgess, and he delivered Dianna, and chopped out my tonsils.


  1. Ruth Palmer Roberts Three of my girls were born there.

  2. Janet Chance: The same doctor delivered me at that Hospital. I was born in Logan in 1948. Dianna was born the year I graduated from High School!
    Sandy Lewis: I was born there in 1948, two daughters were born there in 1969 and 1970.
    Lois D. Kidd: We have had many trips there and the other one down on first east between center & first north Still an Apt Buildings.Waste in my book to tear down that grand old building for a parking lot.

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    1. When I was a teenager I heard the hospital was going to be knocked down. I got in my car and drove there to get this picture.

  4. I was born there. June 13, 1980. I drive past that lot everyday and my mom tells me every time that's where the old hospital was at.

  5. Charlene Barker Noack Carbaugh: I was born there but don't remember it, haha. But I do remember having my tonsils out ther
    Sandy Mitton Hymas Had my tonsels out there too. Rember it was there until I was about 14.
    Linda Ewing Redd That's my picture of the hospital


  6. Mike Logan I was born there in 1970. Dr. Burgess was my doctor as well, and I had my tonsils take out there too.

    Ann Parkinson 3 of my 4 sons were born there. One had his tonsils out..

  7. Ann Dunn Bingham My sister Rae and I were born in this hospital - Rae in 1936 and me in 1938. We laugh now and saw we were born in a parking lot. i also had my tonsils out in this hospital.

  8. Cami Clark Hansen My mom was the administrative secretary here.. remember this well.. I was also born here..

  9. Jennifer Lynn Booth-Cole My mom use to say I was born in the parking

    Vicky Wright Webb I was born there. My little sister was born there in 1978

  10. Steven Stoddard I used to tease the older ones telling them they were born in a parking lot.