Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Apata Family; La Familia Apata

We spent many fine early mornings and early afternoons with the Apata family while on my mission.  They lived in Don Torcuato, where I served for 11 months.  They presented a place to go when things were slow, or when an appointment fell through.  Over time, we baptized the children, although the parents never wanted to hear the missionary lessons.   Patricia, the oldest daughter was baptized first.  She had been baptized before I was assigned to the area.  However shortly after two of her sisters, Isabel and Maria Ines were also baptized.  We also baptized Mercedes, who had a daughter, Alejqndra, about three years old.  She was the second oldest.  The youngest sister, Silvia was also baptized. 

When we would go by, Maria Ines would often play the guitar and we would all sing.  Her favorite songs were, “I like to Dance,” and “Auld Lang Syne” in Spanish.  It seems the words mean more in Spanish.  “It’s nothing more than an until later, it’s nothing more than a brief goodbye.  Very soon, around the fire we’ll be together again.”
We had a lot of fun singing, telling stories, and doing missionary work together. 
I visited the house of Mari Ines this past week.  She now lives in Salt Lake.  Isabel was there, as was Alejandra.  Maria Ines had married Jose Martinez, who was baptized during the time I was there by the other missionaries in our branch.  They told stories of how the old branch, which was newly formed while we were there, but didn’t have their own church so we went to San Fernando for church, is now numerous wards.

Maria Ines, Silvia, Isabel with Alejandra and Laura

Isabel, Laura, Maria Ines, me, Elder Findley, Patricia, Mercedes and Silvia
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