Saturday, September 1, 2012

A poem I found on Facebook: Angel Child

 This was posted by a distant  cousin on Facdbook, and I decided to post it as a tribute to Billy Boy Wardle, our baby who was stillborn.  four pounds seven ounces.  Dec. 9, 1984.

poem written about my older brother :)
Angel Child
He stood in line real quiet, with a timid little smile, 
the line was moving forward preparing for earth's trial. 
"Oh no" said God, "you cannot go, "as he looked on him with love,
 "I need you little angel child to stay with me above."
 "But don't I need a chance on earth, just like all the others? To be in a family with sisters and with brothers?" 
"You see," said God, "you need not go, you have a perfect soul. 
There's not a single reason you must leave my heavenly fold." "Oh please, oh please, I have to go and be like every other, Just let me go a little while. Please let me have a brother." 
So thinking hard and waiting before he gave reply, 
The lord said almost sadly, "Alright, for you I'll try." 
The lord knew what a challenge this request would impart, For he had to find a family to love him from the start.
 For already being perfect, the angel could not stay.
This most important person wouldn't even last a day. 
His parents had to be the type, special like no other.
 And of course, he could not forget, a special older brother. 
So looking down, he found the little family he would need
 and started to prepare them for the path they had to lead. 
So with a sad and tender smile, god sent him down to earth he was needed home in heaven, so 'twas not a normal birth. 
but Angel Child was wanted, and cherished from the start 
and he left his tiny footprints on his parents soul and heart. Sometimes there is sorrow in the things God has to do, 
but he trys to send a rainbow to help us see it through. 
For the reason that the angel had to have an older brother 
was to help to heal the aching heart of a father and a mother. So we remember Angel Child with love and tender heart,
 this 6 inch 3oz. little boy, so loved before his start. 
We'll keep him in our memory and cherished in our heart,
 for in this loving family, he'll always be a part.
written by- my grandma 'Gail Kidd Wardle' :) she really knew how to write good poems :)

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