Saturday, September 29, 2012

My History in Theater: The Pajama Game

During my school days, I was in The Pajama Game twice; eighth grade at South Cache Junior High School and Senior year at Sky View High School.  Well, in eighth grade I was actually in the chorus, and we sat on these hard wood benches they had placed in front of the stage.  But I saw the play over and over.  I remember Hal Machley was the male lead.  I don't remember who was the female lead.  The best song was "Steam Heat."
Senior Year, Sky View 1975


I must admit I was disappointed when Pajama Game was announced as the school musical my senior year.  However we had some fun with it.  I only had a minor part, as the salesman.  The salesman  rought back the sabotaged pajamas and placed them on Hinsey, who then loses his bottoms.  And then at the end he was the person introducing the pajamas as the pajama fashion show.  We were double cast and the leads were Craig Buttars and Chris Jensen as Sid opposite Ginger Hamilton and Helen Denton as Babe.  Helen took Spanish with me a couple years.
Again Steam Heat was the show stopper, along with the dropped pajama bottoms, especially the day Danny Jonas forgot the boxers, and ended up in his jockey shorts.  Everybody jumped a bit more that day.
The show was double cast, including me, but I was a factory worker in the other cast, and sang a short solo.  Also built a pyramid at the company picnic.
 Me (Salesman) lauding pajamas at a pajama party

Sid and Babe
Sid and Babe
Tick Tock

me and the guy
Sid and Babe, Two can sleep as cheap as one

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