Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Poetry: This Christmas Your Son is Dead

My thoughts on the pat down situation.

 With the recent goings on in the media, full body and pat downs of regular citizens,no religious exception, unless you are Muslim. I don't understand.  It seems CAIR has us turned into knots.  It is time somebody stood up to CAIR, and we started using some common sense.  That would be nice.

I wrote this poem last year after the attack on Fort Hood.  This was a preventable attack, if we had been more worried about safety rather than political correctness.  I don't think the poem is very good, but the feelings were real, and I feel important in this debate.  It was also a reaction to the military general who talked about he importance of maintaining diversity in the military.
This Christmas, Your Son is Dead

This Christmas, your son is dead,
But don’t worry, diversity is alive,
Better for more sons to die,
Than for us to lose diversity in the military.

This year, your 80-year-old mother
Will be searched at the airport,
But it is random, we wouldn’t
Want to look like we are targeting anyone.

So the peaceful Muslim sitting next to you
Will not be searched, it’s the luck of the draw,
Islam is the religion of peace you know,
Don’t worry if he says his prayers, or makes threatening comments, or situates himself in such a manner as to be prepared for an attack, or shouts the name “Allah,”…….
He is a peaceful man.

Of course if you comment, or report him
Or do anything, I will think you are a bigot.
His is the religion of peace.
You are the hater.

This Christmas, your son is dead,
We were blind to all warnings
That this killer could be a terrorist,
Diversity is still alive.

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