Monday, September 17, 2012

poetry I like: A Wife

A Wife
by John Jaques

I’ll speak a work commandingly
Of modest, true, and faithful wives,
For everybody knows they are
The pride and comfort of our lives.

How boundless her devotion is
How tender her affection!  She
Think toil, or pain, or sacrifice
For his dear sake will pleasure be.

How beautiful are all her ways!
How charming all her manners seem!
How precious she is in his sight!
With her life is a glorious dream.

How sweet and wholesome is her love—
How pure, how fraught with life and health!
How gracious all her favors are—
Unbought and priceless, truest wealth!

Her husband thinks when she’s away
There’s always something going wrong;
But when she comes into the room,
Brightness and gladness come along.

She is more welcome than the spring.
More welcome than the flowers in May.
More welcome than the morning sun.
More welcome than the light of day.

The magic of her presence spreads
A grateful influence around.
The very rustle of her dress
To him is a delightful sound.
Her voice is sweetest melody. 
Her step is music to his ear.
The air is full of light and love
And blissfulness when she is near.

The ground’s enchanted where she stands.
There captivation in her walk.
There’s fascination in her eye.
And pearls of wisdom in her talk.

“A glory gilds” her every deed
A halo doth her life invest.
Who else could do things half as well?
But everything she does is best.

The best thing I ever did
Was making a good girl my bride.
The best day I ever saw
 Was when she stood thus by my side.

It was fulfilling God’s great law.
To us a grand experiment—
From that blest day to this blest hour
We’ve not seen first cause to repent.

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