Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cody Nielsen: neighbor, murderer

Cody Nielsen and his family lived on our block when I was a bit older, this would have been Hyrum fourth and second wards.  They lived there after I came home off my mission, and probably before I left.  I remember him attending church with his mother and sister.  He was always a very active boy, probably ten years younger than me. I think my older brother, who was always more outgoing and compassionate than I had more contact with the family.  I must admit, my daily path did not cross with the Nielsen family, but I always felt for his mother.  When I saw the family at church it seemed she was over worked as Cody was a pretty active boy.

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  1. Wendy Smith His mom is not a single parent as it says in this article. His dad was always there in the home and is a wonderful man.

    Gwen France Christiansen Yes, his parents still live together in the same house as long ago (15th ward now)

    My bad, Billy