Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dad Catching Himself on Fire

This story is one with regards to our days in Othello, of which I have no recollection, but was told to me by my older sister.  We figured I was probably two when this took place.
During potato harvest all was business, and work work work.  Dad was motivated to get the harvest done as quickly as possible, and so wanted to keep everyone working without breaks as much as possible.  Grandpa Wardle was helping with harvest , and I imagine there were others, including paid laborers.
Dad did not want to stop harvesting even for refueling.  So when it was time to refuel one of the trucks, he was adding fuel while the truck was still running.  However in the process, the gas ignited, and set Dad on fire.  Grandpa was close at hand, and quickly rolled him on the ground.  He was burnt all over and had the go to the hospital.  Sara said he burned his face, hands and legs.  Her
Both pictures post Othello

comment was, "He was burnt everyplace that was not covered by his garments."
As I mentioned, I do not remember this incident.  I assume they got the spuds in.  If Grandpa hadn't been close at hand, and hadn't put the fire out quickly, things would have been much worse.  My sister, and mother and father as well, considered it a miracle he wasn't more seriously hurt, and credit this miracle to his garments.  I never knew my Dad to have burn scars.

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