Sunday, July 7, 2013

"The Wooden Spoon" Discipline in Our House

Discipline was sometimes a problem around our home.  I am thinking mostly of the Hyrum days.  It was almost clock work that my father would arrive home at 5:30, and then head to his office downstairs, with dinner at 6:00.  If my mother got particularly upset with us she would threaten us with a meeting with my father.  Those were dreaded, and would result in a scolding, or a spanking.  My father used the hand on the butt method.
There were days when my mother couldn't wait, then should would threaten to use, or actually use the wooden spoon.  "Don't make me get the wooden spoon out," etc.  I remember once she used the wooden spoon on my older brother and broke it against his butt.  I thought it must have been very painful but he said it didn't hurt.  I am not sure if wasn't just trying to be brave.

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