Sunday, September 29, 2013

Member Missionary Work

Missionary work is always easier and better with the help of members.  Members should be inviting their friends to hear the missionaries, and to attend church.  The success rate of missionary work is so much greater when the members are involved.  These are some of the handouts we made to encourage member-missionary work.
Missionary work is your responsibility

This is My work and My glory, to bring about the immortality and eternal life of man

Us and them: Because we were put to be a light to the world and to save men

Another tactic we used very effectively was to visit inactive members.  We would talk about how they felt when they were baptized and their testimony of the restoration and Joseph Smith.  (Very few people in Argentina were not converts to the gospel.)  We would then offer to bless their home with the priesthood.  We would then invite them back to church and also to provide referrals for us.  This was a very good tool to reactivate members and also gave us people to teach.

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