Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Copicua (Palindrome) Collection

Copicuas (palindromes) were considered good luck, and so I kept all by copicuas and glued them in my journal.  Mathematically there is a copicua every 100 trips.  This represents 20 copicuas.  Calculating this was that would be 2000 bus trips.  I was in Argentina for 22 months.  That is almost 100 bus trips per month.  Some areas we rode bikes, and so traveled less on bus.  Every place I served we also used foot travel frequently.  I also traveled by train frequently, especially longer trips to down town Buenos Aires.  However in one area, Don Torcuato, we would often travel between two train stations which were in our area. 

This is not the only tradition about things that cross in Argentina.  There was a belief that while shaking hands with a group of four, and if you criss-crossed with some one of the opposite sex it meant "Casamiento" or marriage.  As Elders almost almost shook hands as a pair, you wouldn't believe how many times this happened, and how many teams we were teased about it. 

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