Saturday, December 21, 2013

Uintah Basin: Messiah Concerts

Watching the Uintah Basin orchestra and choir
reminded me of my days in the Basin.  I participated in a couple Messiah concerts during the years we lived in Roosevelt (Ballard).  They were very fun, and introduced me to some songs we had never sung before, including "Surely".  Dr. White always conducted, and we performed in the Roosevelt East Stake Center because they have a nice piped organ.  We never sang with orchestra, but we did have trumpets for "The Last Trumpet."  There would be solos every year, but I never had the courage to ask about singing a solo.  They were fun experiences.  I am a baritone, so the first year I sang bass.  However because there were few tenors, the second year I sang tenor.  There were four tenors, and we always followed another tenor.  However he had a bad cold, and several of the songs had to drop out, so I was the tenor the others were following.  Uncle Jerry sang tenor with us that year.
We made some beautiful music, and this reemphasized my love for Handel's Messiah.

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