Thursday, December 12, 2013

Witness to Elder Monson Receiving Revelation

My memory is failing me, as I am trying to remember the year when President Monson visited the stake conference in Hyrum.  I know we were in the new stake center, out by Hyrum Dam and across from the Junior Miller home.  Grant Norman was the stake president.  So that makes it probably the late 70s.  I was home off my mission, and Charlie hadn't gone on his yet.
The most interesting thing about conference, and the thing I still remember is the old man who said the opening prayer.  After the prayer Elder Monson stood up (he was an apostle at the time) and indicated he was impressed to call the brother who had said the prayer to be a patriarch.  He suggested everyone go home and write about this event in their journals, because they were seeing how revelation works.  As a result, for a time Hyrum had two stake patriarchs.
I just thought of this as I watched the biographical movie of President Monson "On the Lord's Errand" where there are several examples presented of similar type experiences.

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