Thursday, February 20, 2014

Job Hunt April May 1985

In the Spring of 1985 Sheri and I time to move back to Utah from Nevada.  (In Sheri's journal it says we were talking about moving as early as February.)
I discovered there may be a position opening up in Roosevelt.  Ralph had called Sheri's mom about the job.  I called Ralph and he gave me additional details.  This was in March.
We made several trips to Utah--before the job even opened officially--to look at homes and ask about job possibilities.  The job I had heard about was questionable for some time.  Someone may have wanted to transfer into it. 
I was so interested in returning to Utah I interviewed interview with the Ute Tribe with Joanne Yazzie.  Fortunately I did not get the job, as things were always a bit unstable with the tribe.  We waited nervously for some time. 
Part of the problem was a worker with mental health (which at the time was also part of the state) was thinking of moving to Family Services.  I later learned this was Rick Hendy.  He decided to stay with mental health. 
When those rumors started I did call the mental health office to ask about any job openings, but they didn't have any.  That was also a blessing because there were very negative rumors about the management at mental health. 
On one of these many trips to Utah, Sheri and I went so far as to pick a house we liked.  It was a single wide trailer over a basement.  We spent an evening on the porch and really dreamed for a while.  The price was right and it did have some room to expand. 
The job finally did come through, after some time of hoping, praying and worrying.  I interviewed for the job in May.

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