Monday, February 17, 2014

Trip to Roosevelt 1985: Job Interview

I had decided it was time my career should take a turn.  We had lived in Duckwater almost two years.  For memorial day, May 1985 Sheri and I traveled to Roosevelt via Logan.  In Roosevelt I interviewed for a job with Utah State Social Services.
We took things easy in Logan.  We did go on a memorial day picnic, up the canyon to Hyrum City Park.
Tuesday after Memorial Day was a business day.  I got a haircut and we headed to Roosevelt.  The job interview was more a formality as I think they had already decided to hire me.  Ralph Draper and George Glines interviewed me.  As of that day I knew I was going to Roosevelt.  I would begin working June 17, 1985.  That gave me two and a half weeks to get things in order.
Sheri and I had been in Roosevelt a few weeks earlier, and had seen a trailer we liked.  It had been sold.  We did take Wednesday and look at houses.  Tim Cox was our realtor.  We left it that we would look closer after we were in the area a couple weeks later.  We were going to move in with Sheri's parents temporarily. 

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