Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lion House Restaurant, Salt Lake City

Dad took us to Lion House in Salt Lake, I don't know if when I was living with him or just going through.  Lion House is attached to the Beehive house, the old residence of Brigham Young, on the Church property by Temple Square.  We went to the restaurant. It was very crowded.  It had a different type of set up as it was cafeteria style. It also had a theme of old time cooking with soups, breads and candies.  You went through the line and picked what you wanted.  The line went very quickly; but then every seat was taken.  There were a lot of downtown customers, including employees of the Church.
Dad said it as a family tradition to go to the Lion House when we went to Salt Lake for conference.  I didn't remember ever being there before however.  

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