Saturday, March 8, 2014

Caleb Sings "I Wonder When He Comes Again"

When Caleb was six, he sang "I Wonder When He Comes Again" for the Stevens Creek Ward Easter presentation.  He did an excellent job, and both Sheri and I were very proud of him.  He did so well that he was invited to sing again for the adult session of stake conference.

He was leaning too far forward in a folding lawn chair, it collapsed, and he grabbed the fire ring catching himself.  The fire was enclosed in a metal ring, which had been heated by our fire.  He burned both his hands, one on the palm and the other on the back of the hand.
He was in a lot of pain on the way to the hospital, about 40 minutes away.  We tried to cool down his hands as best we could, Sheri sitting in the back seat with him as I drove.  We got him to the hospital and he ended up with big bandages on both his hands, and had to go to the wound center for treatments.  He still has some scars, but nothing that affected his ability to use his hands.

Caleb had already been practicing a song to sing in the adult session of conference a day after we were done camping, "I wonder When He Comes Again".  He did a great job.  His hands were bandaged and everything.  After the conference session a woman came to congratulate him.  She did it by grabbing both his hands, ignoring the bandages.  Caleb didn't say anything, but he was in obvious pain.

Caleb sang this song a couple more times for the Easter presentation.  Sometimes with other children, including Adam Ure, Decker Ure and Scott Dye. 

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