Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Family Camping Trip 1998

Geneve at the beech
Diane, Billy, Geneve, Clyde, Charity

Missy, Trevor, Jeremy, Linsey, Shelley and Mom


Kayla Jo

Travis and Jeremy fishermen?

Trevor, Clyde, Miranda, Travis, Shelley

Travis, Sheri and Mark, Trevor

Billy, Weldon, Charity

Trevor, Caleb held by Shelley, Travis


Geneve, Dillon, Charity, Sheri, Miranda, Travis

Charity, Sheri Miranda Jeremy, Linsey, Mom, Trevor


Trevor, Dillon, Shelley, Mom

Charlie and Diane
Payson Lake camping.  We visited there a couple times with family camp outs.  The lake was about a mile past the camp site.  It was really fun, we would play on the beach, or go out in a rubber raft, or use some kayaks Weldon had brought, or just go swimming.  Clyde had some of the boys fishing.  Mark caught his first fish.  We also hiked around the lake several times.  It was a fun walk.  On the opposite end was a dock which went out over the lake, and allowed for jumping into the water.  That was fun too.
Back at camp there was lots of food.  Caleb was small, but he loved ball.  We would pitch him the ball and he would smack it.  He seemed to never miss.  He batted left handed.
The camp site is of of the Nebo loop.  It was always fun to take a ride further up the loop, and behine Nebo peak.  There were several view areas further up the loop which were fun.
The whole camping experience was fun, both years we did family camp outs there.  
Billy, Geneve, Zachary, Clyde

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