Monday, June 16, 2014

Whats Up with Radical Environmentalism

At the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle Saturday there was a display that had me wondering.  It seemed the display was saying that we need less humans.  They wee showing the depletion of the rain forests, and comparing this to the growing world population.  The conclusion; as long as we have more people, then we will have less rain forest, until there is no rain forest left. 
I believe in conservation; we should all do our best to make our person impact on the environment as small as possible.  However, when you get to the "zero population is the answer my friend" kind of stuff, you have left me way behind.  Humans have a right to space and life, and that is the most fundamental right.  We should study animals, and how we can live together.  However, we should not make it difficult for humans to thrive.  Humans are able to interact in positive ways with their environment, and make it so we can all live together.

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