Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Megyn Kelly/ Bill Ayers Interview

I enjoy Fox News, and had the occasion to to watch this interview, and became more and more frustrated with Bill Ayers justifying his actions saying America was killing 6000 people a week.  Bill Ayers' actions included bombing the pentagon and other buildings (but not killing anyone.)  However his group was blamed for killing a San Francisco police officer by bombing, and a couple others by shooting.  Ayers denied involvement with these incidents.  I turned to Wikipedia for some evidence that this could be true. 
However I take issue with his use of numbers to justify his actions.  More people died from lack of U.S. involvement than by U.S. involvement.  The Viet Cong killed civilians at an incredible clip.  In the war, about 1,00,000 Viet Cong were killed.  There were also less than 100,000 civilian deaths.  There was mass genocide after after the U.S. left, of millions of people.  The Viet Cong killed about 200,000 civilians.
My point, those who battled against the war, could they be blamed for the genocide which followed, in Viet Nam, in Cambodia.  If you take credit for one part of the stick, the other side of the stick comes with it.  Bill Ayers and his ilk are responsible for millions of deaths.  We could have done so much more good in the world, had we had the will to finish what we started.

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