Friday, July 18, 2014

Poetry I Like: Sisterhood

This poem was with my mother's papers.  It does not mention an author.
Each of us is different from the Other.
One woman's weakness may be your strength
     While her strength may be your weakness
Thus we need one another.
The lonely need friendship,
     the sick need care,
     the feeble need support,
     the frightened, comfort.
For we all have many weaknesses and many strengths.

It is this constant giving of one's self and
     and receiving from others that brings happiness,
     nothing more.
Just as the pitcher that is emptied and refilled
     many times a day remains sparkling
     and gives the sweetest water.

Give them each day a little of your time
     your friendship,
     your sympathy,
     your understanding,
     even of you physical assistance.
And what you get in return will brighten your life
     a thousand ways.

And when you have done all these things
     You will have discovered the true meaning of

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