Friday, November 12, 2010

sports pictures

I am on the right in green.  Clyde is reffing
22 Blue is David Jensen

Our Coach is Claude Williams, Jay Shaver in middle, Todd Williams 22

Me warming up

Me.  Jay Shaver to the right

Me at the top of the lane in green

Clyde tossing the ball, I am right of him

I'm the one with the big mouth

Soda Springs Tournament

I'm safe going back to first, but got out trying to steal 2nd

ltor Monte Stevens, Kenny Jensen, Doug Jensen, Ricky Stevens, Don Williamson

center field

Sports were a big part of growing up.  The basketball pictures are from a game in our church, and so I thought it had to be a Church game, but as I look at the uniforms I think this is Bantam Basketball, which we usually played at the Elite Hall.  Clyde, my brother-in-law is reffing.  I am number 20.

Pictures of Pony League, Soda Springs tournament follow.  I had to crop the center field picture a bit so you could even see me.  I loved playing center for this team.  I was able to sit out there and watch David Jensen pitch a back cut fast ball that would break 8 inches back over the plate.  You don't know how many batters gave up on the pitch.  We had he and Jed Murray pitching for us.  They would both later play minor league ball.

The last picture is of me keeping score for my brother's high school team.  He coached at Tintic.  I hope I'm not picking my nose.

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