Monday, November 22, 2010

Wendy Wardle Thomas

Earlier this year, Neil Frank, a friend of mine from growing up, posted on Facebook that Wendy Wardle Thomas had passed away.  I knew she had been in poor health, but thought she was getting better.

Wendy moved into Hyrum when we were in junior high school.   Her parents had moved to town to mange the Sambo’s Restaurant that had just opened in Logan.  We shared the same last name, which was very unusual, but our families did not know each other before they moved in.  They were Vernal Wardles, and we were Idaho Wardles.  If you looked back far enough, there probably was a connection, but not in our recent genealogies.

The Wardles lived in our ward for a few years, and Wendy's father played the organ.  My mom, a fellow organ play, use to comment on how well he could play the pedals.

The most memorable time we had with them was a triple date (sort of as we weren't yet 16) to Lagoon.  It turned out that James Salvesen, who went with us, paired up with Wendy.  My brother paired up with Wendy's sister, Tina.  I was paired with a friend of their's from the Vernal area.  I wasn't very impressed with her.  We did have fun on the rides, but before the end of the night, I sort of gave up on the rides because I didn't want to sit by her anymore.  I wasn't very sensitive in those days.

Most of my older siblings worked for her father at Sambo's.  (The restaurant where Sambo's was, is now Angie's in Logan.) 

Wendy went through most of high school at Sky View with us.  However she and her family moved back to Vernal before she graduated.

When we moved to the Basin some years later, and I was involved in drama in Vernal, I became reacquainted with she and her husband, Thomas Thomas.  They were in some of the early Outlaw Trail Festival play, "Star of Justice."  Wendy's character, and her egg money were the victims of A Butch Cassidy and Elza Lay bank robbery.  I held the horses for them.  Her father portrayed a man that was the victim of a shooting which was the plot of the play, and then her husband portrayed a worker who had a tooth ache.  They were fun times.

We took a scene from the musical to the state fair.  It was a dance with a fight in the end.  The staging was different and more crowded.  There was a part when everything turned to chaos.  Wendy would be on the ground. Somehow in the crowded conditions I fell on her face, and broke her nose.  Gives a new meaning to "Break a leg."  I don't think she faulted me.  Her nose would break easily because of past injuries, she said.

We moved shortly after that, and only more recently had re-met via Facebook.  However she is gone now.  Another friend gone too early

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