Thursday, January 20, 2011

Primary Class 1979

This is the primary class I taught after my mission in the Hyrum 2nd Ward.  It was a CTR Class as I remember making the CTR Shield and all that fun stuff.  "Choose the Right" was the message ar would all be bap theymost of the lessons.  I think this was the year they would all be baptized, or maybe the year after.  I should have kept better track, as I can't remember everyone's name.  But left to right:

Ellen Toone, I think she was our neighbor so I should remember.  Shauna Nelson, the bishop's daughter.  She played piano for me at Forrest's funeral (Krista's son) but I still can't remember her married name.  Shani Jensen,  Jamie Lauritzen, Tony Yeates, me, on my lap Adam Leatham, Adam Ward in back, and Brandt Harrison.  We had a fun time, although I must admit I wasn't always prepared as I might have been.  I did use group process with the kids which I was learning at the college in social work school.  We made a CTR Shield and a CTR box where I put a mirror and the kids could look in and see a Child of God.

So the favor I have to ask, is if you know these children and can help identify them better than I, it would be appreciated if you add a comment with the name, and what the child is doing now..


  1. Lisa Anderson Olsen: Shani Jensen in yellow shirt. Jami Darby in blue shirt

  2. Shani Anderson Jensen: Wow this brings back some memories! The girl on the far left is Ellen. I know this for certain because she was constantly getting mad at me for pronouncing her name as "Allen"... Who knew?:). I'm the girl in the front in the yellow shirt. And, as you mentioned on your blog....many people got Jami Lauritzen Darby and I mixed up. Jami is the blonde girl in the back wearing the blue dress. She lives in Hyrum and has 2 cute kids. Shauna Nielsen Wiberg lives in Hyrum. Tony Yeates is in the back next to Adam Ward. Shauna and'll need to help me with the other two kids....Brandt? And somebody "Adams"???? Wow...were we really that young? We haven't changed at all

  3. Tony Yeates: Brandt Harrison. Anyone else still have their CTR box? I have sentimental treasures stored in mine.
    I think the other kid is Adam Leatham sitting on Bills lap.