Sunday, January 16, 2011

Randy Funk: Aggie Basketballer

Last night I was listening to the Aggie game on the Internet, KVNU radio. (Ain't the Internet great.)  Bracken Funk played for Fresno State.  They indicated he is Randy Funk's son, so I decided to tell my experience with Randy Funk.  Randy played basketball for Utah State, and made well over 50 percent of his shots.

My brothers, and I were involved in youth sports in Hyrum growing up.  We first played and then coached for many years.  We would organize the youth basketball, baseball and football.  There were three brothers who lived in Hyrum, Funk, who had many children who participated in sports.  Their sons were big boys.  Randy Funk was the son of Randall and Gerrie.  When I took a two year hiatus, to go on a mission to Argentina, Randy Funk still hadn't made a name for himself.

However when I returned, Randy Funk had really really sprouted.  He was then a 9th grader, and I was 21.  He played as much basketball as he could.  Anytime a gym was open, he would be there.  We would play church ball at South Cache Junior High School.  We would play games in the big gym.  One time while I was there I ran into Randy in the small gym.  He challenged me to a game.  I could tell he challenged almost anyone who came in the door.  I think he was probably 6'5" at the time.  However I liked my chances.  I could shoot well, and certainly some one that tall would lack coordination and I could out shoot him.

Man was I wrong.  I was totally embarrassed.  He played ball at a different level than me.  We played to 22, and I think I got six or eight points, and I had to work for those.

My only comfort is that he later played division one basketball.  Otherwise I would have to live forever with the shame of being beaten by an eighth grader.

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  1. Charlie Wardle: Randy Funk was on my little league basket ball team with Bruce Savage and others. We took third place at the Smithfield basketball tournament.