Saturday, June 8, 2013

Othello and our Teeth

Othello had natural occurring fluoride in the water supply.  As such, it people were exposed to it long enough, they had very good teeth, and very few cavities.  My dad us to talk about this.  I think we moved (when I was six) just before this effect took place for me.  I always had lots of dental work and hated dentists.  My older siblings had good effect from the exposure to fluoride.  Ran across these articles in Othello Outlook that verifies this. 
Feb. 8, p 10: Othello Water Tops for Teeth 

   “It’s the water,” said Dr. Olin E. Hoffman, head of the Dental Health of the state Department of health, “that makes Othello’s children’s teeth so good; at least it is the Fluoride content in Othello’s water.”
   Dr. Hoffman has been examining the teeth of Othello school children this week and has found a low percentage of tooth decay, among the children that have lived in Othello most of their life.
   Dr. Hoffman was here on the invitation of the Superintendent of Schools, Wallace Blore.  He said that he had been in Othello making the same examination ten years ago and found that now as at that time there is a low percentage of tooth decay; only about 20 percent as compared to as high as 60 percent in areas where there is a low fluoride content in the water.
   Ten years ago out of 157 students in the Othello schools 24 had lived in Othello most of their life and out of the 24, 19 showed no tooth decay.  He said that his study this week proved that the same percentage was holding up.  Dr. Hoffman said that Othello has a 2 per one million fluoride content which is very high.
   “The children’s teeth are extremely clean partly due to the smooth quality of the teeth which makes them easier to clean,” he said.
   He also said that there was a very low loss rate of the six year molars which in his words “are the most important teeth.”
   Of the children he had examined he found no six year molars missing, and he said that the average loss is one half tooth per child.
   Dr. Hoffman was assisted by Mr. Rodger James and Mary Marshall of the state health department and Mrs. Herbert, Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Tom Emry and Mrs. Roloff of the PTA.

Look, Mom-No Cavities  Feb. 15, 1962 p 6

   Children who have lived in Othello since birth, and been a constant user of Othello water can say, “Look, Mom- no cavities!” due to the natural fluoride content of the city water, it was learned from the recent dental survey.
   Dr. Ollin Hoffman and his assistant, Mrs. Marshall, completed their examination of Othello school children through the eight grades on Wednesday February 7.  Dr. Hoffman’s survey, based on a screening type examination, indicated that tooth decay rate here is much lower than the nation’s.  Of those children who have been born in Othello and who have resided here constantly since birth, 76 percent had no decayed, filled, or missing teeth.  Of children in the first grade who have resided here, 91 percent had no decayed, filled, or missing teeth.  The over-all average of all grades was 78 percent. 
   Tooth brush kits and instruction pamphlets were distributed to children in first and second grades.  These kits were donated the Benton-Franklin District Dental Society.  This program is in conjunction with Dental health Week which was February 3 through 9.

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