Saturday, June 8, 2013

Grand Coulee Dam

One of the places my parents took us while we lived in Washington was to the Grand Coulee Dam.  I remember we were so high, and it was so big, it was hard to sea everything.  My dad I think had been with the older people before, but I'm not sure about that.  These pictures are from the dam with my Aunt Audrey's family. 

Grand Coulee is the largest energy producer in the United States, and on of the largest concrete structures in the world.  (Wikipedia) This article from the Othello Outlook talks of the dam.
April 5, 1962  Grand Coulee Opens April 18
One of the greatest tourist attractions in the State of Washington is Grand Coulee Dam, and as such it is the aim of the Bureau of Reclamation to make it as enjoyable as possible for the visitor.
During the past two years the tour charge at the dam was dropped; the top of the dam was opened to vehicular traffic; the tour of the right power house was put on a self-guided basis, the dam itself was opened to the public where they can view one of the many gallerys which honeycomb the dam; and another part will soon be opened to visitors.
On April 18 the pumping plant will be open for visitor viewing.  This plant houses the irrigation pumps required to lift the irrigation water 280 feet from the Lake Roosevelt into Banks Lake.  A part of the pumping plant tour will include a visit to the pumping plan exhibit room.  This room contains a 9-foot by 22-foot relief map of the entire Columbia Basin Project built by the Albrook Hydraulic Laboratory at the Institute of Technology at W.S.U., a series of exhibits prepared by the National Park Service at San Francisco and the walls her have murals painted on them.

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